100% Mexican Conpany, located in Tizayuca state of Hidalgo, México. Founded in 1997. With this vast experience of various generations in the textile industry, the company decided to produce denim of the highest quality, beginning operations in January 2012 with excellent results under the name"Five Pocket".

In Five Pocket by Romatex we are aware of the great market demand in Denim, and we are committed to our costumers and friends for manufacturing and achieving quality products.

Our manufacturing capacity is one million meters per month. We have a large investment in machinery, equipment, engineering and skilled labor for this specialty.

Productión Lineal



Our production line allows us total control over the quality of processes available to us. Spinning, Indigo, weaving and finishing, are the most modern in México to create cutting-edge designs in the area of Denim.




We are specialized in premium top quality denims "Flat Finish" .



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  • stretch and non stretch denim
    • 100% cotton
    • cotton/lycra
    • cotton/lycra/poly
    • cotton/poly
  • Weights from 5 oz. to 13 oz. Open End and Ring Spun.
  • Widths non stretch 1.75 and stretch 1.45-1.55 mts
  • Twills with reactive and pigment dyes.
  • 100% Índigo with intensity of 32 baths with great garment washing possibilities.